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How landing pages can boost your website’s search engine optimisation (SEO)

Even if your knowledge of the internet is limited, you probably know that designing an attractive website that boasts great content, and promotes the brand & products well, counts for very little if nobody is aware of its existence. Getting good web traffic through the use of strong Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is, therefore, one of the most important challenges facing any website. Landing pages could be your greatest weapon.

What Are Landing Pages?

Landing pages are single destination web pages that users are redirected to when clicking a link on a search engine result. They will often promote a product or special deal, promote a local service, or serve as a welcome page that asks for an email signup.

While they serve many purposes, including lead generation and conversions of product sales, their greatest impact revolves around search engine optimisation and visitor traffic.

How Landing Pages Boost Your SEO

Landing pages are arguably the best single web pages for your business in terms of SEO. Here are just six of the best:

  • Local landing pages that promote a service in a specific town (think districts rather than the city as a whole) will gain traffic from customers searching for those services. Given that 46% of all searches are local, this is a truly significant element.
  • Local landing pages linked to your Google My Business listing can boost the listing’s SEO presence as the content from the landing page will be factored in by the Google algorithm. 
  • Landing pages can utilise a more conversational tone, ensuring that the website also ranks highly when people conduct voice searches. Given that this is an increasingly popular method, especially for mobile users, this should boost your SEO for years to come.
  • Landing pages for individual services and product can utilise keyword optimisation to the max by focuses solely on a small number of keywords and phrases. Not only does this boost visibility and traffic, but it should lead to more valuable clicks that bring leads.
  • Landing pages that contain a direct call-to-action are more targeted and specific than other web pages. Google’s algorithm likes lack of confusion and ambiguity, which is why it ranks these types of pages more positively.
  • Local landing pages will contain links to other web pages on your site, which can further enhance the overall SEO visibility of the site. This can, therefore, boost your traffic on every page rather than the landing page alone.


Other Things You Need To Know

Statistics show that websites with at least 40 landing pages gain 1200% more leads than those with just 1-5 landing pages. Therefore, it pays dividends to create multiple pages for specific locations and services. However, duplicate content can lead to Google penalties, so do be sure to boast unique pages.

Meanwhile, this is the first webpage that visitors will interact with, so make them count. Engaging content, videos, and great call-to-actions will work wonders for the website’s traffic and conversions.

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