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How to generate more enquiries & leads from your website

Gettings someone’s attention can be difficult, but once you have, make sure you make it count.

Having a successful website for your business is critical in gaining enquiries, sales, and long-term customers.   You could even go as far as to say that a web presence is the most critical marketing tool of all.

The trouble is that just having a static web page isn’t going to serve you. As a business and website owner, it’s vital you take an active rather than a passive role in ensuring website sales. Even if you’re gaining decent amounts of traffic, it’s never going to get you off the ground if you don’t turn it into enquiries and leads.

Take a look at your website and ensure it’s following these three points. 


– Make your website easy to use

First, you need an easy-to-use website. If customers see complicated buttons and jargon straight off, they’re going to click away fast. That would eliminate any chance of taking their interest further. Instead, invite customers to browse as many sections of your website as possible. This can pique interest, and ensures plenty of opportunities. Even better, it couldn’t be easier to achieve. Forget complex animations and text boxes galore. You want concise information, displayed straightforwardly, on as few pages as possible.


– Always call for action

You should provide plenty of calls to action (CTA) throughout your website. It’s no good just sending information out there. You also need to think about web design which encourages participation. Blogs are best as they provide you with a chance to include a CTA at the end of every article. You should also keep CTAs in mind with your pop-ups. Something like a call for email subscribers, for instance, requires direct action, and it directly translates into more leads.


– Make yourself easy to contact

If you were operating in a physical space, you would approach customers to let them know you’re available to help if they need you. You can’t do that online, but you do still need design which makes it easy for customers to contact you. Otherwise, even potential leads will turn away. A clear ‘contact us’ page does, of course matter. But, you need to take this further than an unwatched contact form. Most importantly, provide a live chat so that you can catch leads in the act.  Make sure to also provide contact information such as phone numbers and links to social media. These ensure you get more enquiries, and that you answer them fast. That, in turn, can help you to create more leads.


These techniques couldn’t be more straightforward, yet they can change your business for good.

If you need any assistance on tuning up your website and making it simpler to attract enquiries or leads, please get in touch with us.  Tangy Media is a web design agency near Cheltenham, specialising in websites, E-Commerce, Search Engine Optimisation. Contact us for a chat or a quote



  1. Jamie on May 16, 2019 at 9:31 am

    Liking these tips guys, thanks for this. Looking forward to seeing the new website launched! 🙂

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