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How to get more sales from your e-commerce website

E-commerce is a highly profitable space, but also a competitive one.

Success for your e-commerce website builds over time, but in order to foster the kind of growth that will keep you sustainable, you need to know how to boost sales in the short-term, as well. Here, we’re going to save the long game for later and look at strategies that boost your sales right here, right now.

– Make sure your site looks and feels legit

E-commerce has a trustworthiness barrier to break through, and some customers can be harder to convince than others. However, the most effective ways of doing that are by making your website secure and trusted organisations handle your payment process.  People trust companies such as PayPal and Stripe so consider using these alongside any other payment merchant you may have.  Verified reviews for your website through Google, Trustpilot, and Feefo will bring a huge wealth of trust for your website visitors, and and you will see more customers engaging.

– Run a promotion

Promotions need to be used wisely to be effective. You can’t constantly run 50% deals without eating into your profits. Timing promotions with seasonal purchase periods is always wise. Besides sales, there are promotions that can be even more valuable, such as contests to win a limited number of prizes. These contests can be used to build leads, to encourage participants to share the brand, and can create a fun appeal to the brand that lasts, as well.

– Use email marketing to keep in touch

Rather than trying to tap into untouched markets for new sales, it’s actually often much easier to wring more sales out of your existing customers. These are people who already know and like the brand, and through email marketing, you can ensure you’re targeting them with offers that are more likely to appeal to them. Offering exclusive discounts and highlighting recommended items based on their past shopping cart is likely to convert them easier than it would be to appeal to new customers.

– Spread the word on social media

There are few better ways to reach a wider range of people online than through social media. Not only is it an effective place to share any promotions you run, but you can use it to disseminate content of all kinds. Blog posts on the top X products in a category, product demonstrations, tips for site users, and so on, they can all be shared on social media to consistently lead more and more visitors to the site, increasing the chances of converting them.

– Show your products off with Google Shopping Ads

When customers are looking for a specific product or type of product, but they don’t know where to buy it from, they’re most likely to Google it. Besides the organic search results, Google Shopping Ads are likely to be the very first thing they see. Ensuring that your online store is linked to the Google Shopping network and that you have your product data in place to make searching for them easier, this is a hugely effective way to gain more sales.

Increasing your sales in the short-term means campaigning actively to get more attention, to reach out to your customers, and to make your offers too hard to ignore. Hopefully, the tips above show you how to do just that.

If you need some assistance with your e-commerce website, whether it be to offer better features, a better design than the one you have, or you would like to increase traffic to your website, please get in touch with Tangy Media.   We are expert web designers in Gloucester and will be able to help with your project, no matter how big or small.


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