Keep your website up to date by editing the text, images, and navigation menus on your website.

Previously you may have experienced difficulties in updating your website and have had to resort in paying someone to perform these updates on your behalf.  With a Tangy Media website, you are in control of all areas of your website, allowing for you to make updates and changes whenever you like.

Some example features of a website using a content management system built by Tangy Media:

  • Add news pages to your website whenever you like with no restrictions
  • Edit the text on each page, and update other areas such as the header and footer of your website
  • Add photos to your website, manage photo galleries, and stay in control of your promotional banners
  • Easily write news articles or blog posts that contain images, videos, or downloads
  • Your website is safe, even when editing it.  Our content management system is specifically built to be easy to use, yet safe guarded so that nothing can go wrong even if you make a mistake