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Why your website should be optimised for mobile devices

mobile friendly websitesWith modern technology comes great of conveniences for everyone. Whether you’re looking for the nearest gourmet pizza restaurant, or you want to find a reliable car mechanic, you can get a lot of things done with just a small and handy portable device; the smartphone. It’s for this reason alone that web developers have started to optimise their websites to be more friendly towards mobile devices.

– Attracting a wider audience

One of the main reasons that your website needs to be optimised for a mobile device is because it helps to attract a wider audience. Plenty of people now access the internet on their phones as opposed to just their computer or a laptop which makes mobile optimisation incredibly important if you want to have a great browsing experience.

In fact, a lot of internet users access the web exclusively on their mobile phone. This is because it’s usually the only device they have which can access the internet while out in public and it’s also convenient to sit in your chair and look at your phone as opposed to a huge monitor on your desk.

This will ultimately boost sales because you’re reaching a wider audience and also help you spread your popularity.

– Converting visitors

When people visit your website on their smartphone and see that the links are too small or that the texts are too cramped and bundled-up, they’re going to stop visiting your website even if it’s one of the few places where they can purchase the items or services that they need. By having a responsive design that simply just works on mobile with larger interactive elements such as buttons, it makes it much easier to convert visitors into paying customers.

– Responsive web designs

Another important component of having good web design is to make it a lot more responsive to the layouts that are accessing it. For instance, mobile devices are oriented in portrait mode while desktop devices are typically landscape. If you optimise your website for mobile devices and desktop users at the same time, it then becomes known as a responsive design. This not only offers the user a better experience but also means that don’t need to worry about what client or device your website is offered from.

– Improved SEO

People often think that SEO isn’t affected by optimising design but that would be very wrong. By having a better optimisation of your website and gearing it towards both mobile and desktop users, the Google search algorithm will actually rank your site higher because it’s appealing to a wider audience.

– Consistency is Credibility

It’s also important to think about consistency once it comes with design and branding. The last thing you want is to have your mobile website appear completely different from the desktop version of the site. This not only creates a separation in your branding but could potentially affect the usability of the site, resulting in poor engagement and viewer retention.

If your website needs to be optimised for mobile devices, please get in touch with us – we’re web designers near Gloucester and will be able to help out with almost any website.

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  1. Janet on April 3, 2019 at 11:29 am

    Thank you for this Tangy, this actually helps me understand it all now… And means I need you to update my website for me!

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